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Sonic Team boss says Sonic is perfect for the Wii U


In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka discussed the future of the Sonic series. While we're still not sure how the developer will take the franchise to the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Iizuka did express interest in the Wii U, going as far as to say that the Wii U controller and the iconic hedgehog would be a "perfect fit."

After seeing the success of the Wii and the unique opportunities the controller allowed developers to play around with, Iizuka said he feels the same will be possible with the Wii U tablet. "Now, adding the controller, and in a sense upgrading the Wii, it has got potential to further that and increase its customer base."

While Iizuka isn't sure how Sega and Sonic Team will use the Wii U's controller for a Sonic game, he mentioned that the Wii U will probably appeal to families who want to play games together, an audience he feels Sonic is right for. "I feel Sonic is the right fit because it is that kind of family experience game," explained the Sonic Team boss. "I do feel Wii U is applicable to Sonic. But how we will apply using the controller to Sonic is something we're still thinking about at the moment."

In addition to his comments about Sonic on the Wii U, Iizuka also clarified that stronger hardware, be it with the next Xbox or PlayStation, or the Wii U, didn't mean the series would change its colorful, cheery tone for something more realistic. "I don't think Sonic will ever become photo-real. I think Sonic will always remain stylised and will have that bright, colourful world. What the high hardware spec will allow us to do is make that more convincing."

Thank goodness for that, because a realistic Sonic game is not something I think any gamer would really want.

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