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Sonic shows up in Progressive Insurance commercial


Sonic the Hedgehog has always been a mainstay character in the video game world. Created by Sega to become the mascot to rival Nintendo and its mascot, Mario, Sonic has been part of great games, terrible games and everything in between. He has been in cartoons and comics, and now he hits the small screen again in a new television commercial advertising Progressive Insurance.

Not exactly sure why Sonic would need insurance. There is no way he needs a car; he is definitely faster. Maybe he bought a house recently to escape the drama Dr. Robotnic is always throwing his way. Who knows? But the speedy hedgehog flies through the Progressive retail store which Flo manages trying to find the insurance he needs when he is stopped and helped by Progressive Insurance helper, Flo and her friend.

After he receives the help he needs, he does some kind of dance. (Guess he really did buy a house.)

Check out the entire commercial here:


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