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Sonic Runners players awarded free tickets for technical slip

Campaign overclocked

Sonic Runners roulette
When special events are active in Sonic Runners, players only have a short window to collect timed goodies that are destined to get shelved by the campaign's end. If you missed out on Reala and Opa-Opa from the NiGHTS and Fantasy Zone events, for example, these Buddies can't be acquired as roulette winnings under normal circumstances.
In December of last year, a 10-day, Christmas-themed event took place, which should have meant that the three Buddies connected to that festivity — namely, Christmas Yeti, Yeti, and Arctic Chao — would subsequently disappear. However, SEGA neglected to follow through on their removal and they've been available on the Premium Roulette ever since. The team only just caught on to the oversight and announced today via an in-game broadcast that the situation has been rectified.
Although there were no negative consequences because of the mix-up, all Sonic Runners players will receive one free Premium Roulette Ticket (worth 50 Red Star Rings) on their next login. Generous! Even if you don't intend to use it right away, be sure to add it to your stash within the next 30 days. If the new RC vehicles don't do anything for you, hold out for a potentially more striking party member to join the game in the next little while.
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