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Sonic Mech figurine is all kinds of kick-ass


Fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog games are stupid. Fan-made Sonic the Hedgehog figurines, however, are all right!

A gamer by the name of Kodykoala has taken to making custom statuettes based on different video game characters. This individual is very good and has now taken his talents to another level with his latest creation: a Sonic mech custom.

Check out Kodykoala's Flickr account for a wide array of images of his special Sonic custom. It's the blue blur inside of a giant robot Sonic. The whole thing is mighty impressive, and my hat goes off to this talented fan.

I would personally have to say that I enjoy Kodykoala's work, especially since the last custom I saw was a perverted Dr. Mario figure. That was both hilarious and awesome. Now, how do we go about acquiring these things?


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