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Sonic Mania is Now the Highest Rated Sonic Game in 15 Years

Everyone loves the classics.

Sonic Mania is Now the Highest Rated Sonic Game in 15 Years

Sonic Mania released to the public this week on August 15. Two days later, it's the highest-rated Sonic the Hedgehog game in 15 years.

To be fair, Sonic has had his ups and downs over the past decade or so. With 'okay' titles like Sonic Generations and Sonic Heroes, the blue blur hasn't had an agreed upon smash hit in a long time. That is, according to Metacritic, until today.

The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter tweeted a screenshot of the game's Metacritic page, showing that Sonic Mania is indeed the highest-rated Sonic game in 15 years.

Sonic Mania sits proudly at a score of 86, while the Switch version is at a 91, seeming to be the definitive version of the game (who doesn't want classic Sonic with the option to go?) Currently, Sonic Mania s competing with Sonic Adventure 2, which scored an 89 in 2001. Keep in mind that the game has also only been out for two days. This score may very well rise even higher.

It seems pretty clear that people like classic Sonic. Will this finally prove to Sega what the people want? It also leaves us wondering how the other Sonic title being worked on, Sonic Forces, will work out. It's still unclear if the custom character creation is a legitimate nod to DeviantArt Sonic OCs, or if it's self-aware humor being owned.

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