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Sonic Lost World drops Nintendo exclusivity, coming to Steam

The second rise of the Deadly Six

Sonic Lost World

It's been two years since Sonic Lost World released exclusively for Wii U — a unique entry for the franchise, but ultimately a divisive one. Now, the game is returning for a second hurrah on PC.

Fans who missed out on the Wii U version or wish to sample the game with a different control scheme will be able to purchase it through Steam for $29.99 US ($32.99 CDN) as of November 2. The NiGHTS-themed DLC level will also be accessible in this version of the game, but presumably the Miiverse feature of item sharing will not. As a bonus offer, pre-purchasing the game ahead of schedule will grant you a free copy of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Back in 2013, Nintendo and SEGA signed a deal that would mark three then-upcoming Sonic titles for Nintendo platforms, but now that those terms have ended, it's become apparent that Sonic Lost World was a timed exclusive.

A few months back, the Wii U also lost ZombiU as an exclusive title, so hopefully this migration effect doesn't gain further traction — for Nintendo's sake.

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