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Sonic Generations for PC is No Longer a Rumor


Over the years we've seen Sonic games land on the PC. They're usually ports of older games in the series, though, and newer stuff starring the blue blur tends to stay exclusively on consoles. That said, back in May there were rumors that the upcoming Sonic Generations would launch for PC.

Well, the rumors are true, folks. Sonic Generations will indeed be speeding to the PC in additon to home platforms and the 3DS. (By the way, I know how cliche it is to use words like "speeding" when discussing a Sonic game.) So if you've always wanted to play a brand new Sonic title on your snazzy computer, you'll soon get the chance to do just that.

You can pre-order your copy of Sonic Generations for PC on Direct2Drive and Green Man Gaming. So if you still think this is all some evil rumor, there's your confirmation. Exciting , huh?

You can snag a different discount depending on where you pre-order the game, so be sure to look around before you commit to buy. If you're too lazy to check, then I'll just tell you that the game is a little over a buck cheaper on Green Man Gaming. Will you be playing Sonic Generations on your computer?

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