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Sonic Adventure 3 domain registrations might hint at possible sequel, high five!


As much as gamers didn't enjoy Sonic's latest adventures, even though Generations was quite awesome, I have to admit that Sonic Adventure 2 was by far one of my favorite Sonic games to date. I loved everything about it; the high speed levels, the dark and light characters, the interweaving storyline, and that awesome soundtrack!

It seems that SEGA might be planning the return of this franchise, as six separate domains were registered, all under the Sonic Adventure 3 name.


They were however registered by the French division of 1&1 internet, which is a web-hosting focused company based in Europe, which sort of throws us off the scent.

Except for the fact if these were indeed domains bought by people other than SEGA, it wouldn't be long until SEGA stepped in and took action against these sites.

While it's all purely speculation, and none of this has been confirmed yet, I think this might be the first Sonic game that I'd be super excited for. If they could bring back everything that made Sonic Adventure 2 so awesome, and fix the stuff that didn't, the third iteration in the series could definitely be its finest.

Come on SEGA, make it happen!

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