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Sonic 4 ending with Episode 2


It looks like Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is ending soon. What was once dubbed an "episodic series" appears to be ending after just the second episode. In a recent statement to Digital Spy, Sonic 4 producer Takashi Iizuka confirmed that there would be no Sonic 4: Episode 3. Well, that's a damn shame.

"We are looking forward to hearing the feedback from the users for Episode 2, but we are currently not planning to release another episode," stated Iizuki. "We just want to see how the users accept this episode."

Ah yes, acceptance. As in, "no one accepted Episode 1--which was pretty damn good--so now the series is getting canned after just the second installment." It really is a bit disappointing that the Sonic 4 series wasn't received warmly. Because of the negative reaction the game was plagued with, it looks like we'll probably never see anything beyond the upcoming Episode 2.

Who knows? Maybe if the game succeeds, Sega and Sonic Team will want to continue to run with it. Personally, I really hope they do, because I thought Sonic 4 was great ... because it was. It was a great game. End of story.

Also, it's all your fault we're not getting Sonic 4: Episode 3. You and your darn "the physics sux!!!111" ranting. Weak, guys. Totally weak.

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