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Some PS Vita games will require Online Pass

PlayStation Vita

It appears as if the dreaded Online Pass is headed for games on the PlayStation Vita.  The Online Pass is similar to what we see publishers doing with games on the Xbox 360 and PS3, which was recently created as a way for publishers to profit from the used games market.

According to Gamepur, Hot Shots Golf is one of the first PS Vita games which will use the Online Pass.  Just like the console games that use the Online Pass, users who purchase the game new from retail stores will get the voucher code.  However, those who buy a used copy of hte game will have to buy the online pass separately via the PlayStation Store for $15 (900 YEN).

ItProPortal also revealed that gamers who purchase and download the game via PlayStation Network would have to pay an additional amount to play the game online.

With the PS Vita struggling in sales, this Online Pass discovery surely won't help.  Generally, gamers aren't fans of the extra fee for the Online Pass.

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