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Some Obscure Black Friday Video Game Deals You May Not Have Seen Yet


With Black Friday only two days away, we've already seen many of the major retail outlets announced their Black Friday video game deals.  We've seen deals from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart - the major outlets you'd expect the great gaming deals from. 

Of course, when it comes to video games, everybody knows these stores will have what they need - that is if they aren't sold out by the mad rush before you get there.  Where they don't think about going is the more obscure, yet still household name stores.  We've compiled a list of the deals you can find at some well-known stores, but not necessarily known for their gaming.  Nevertheless, it's Black Friday and even the stores you'd never think of are having great video game deals.


When you think of this store you probably think appliances - stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, etc.  Granted, that is their specialty.  But they are also offering some snaggy gaming deals.  I'd definitely check this place out if it's near you...and you don't mind be hounded to buy a $5,000 entertainment system with your gaming purchase.

Like most other stores this holiday season, hhgregg is offering the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Console Bundle which includes Kinect Adventures for $199.99.  Also being offered is a 3 month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership for $12.99 (normally $24.99).  hhgreg continues their holiday support for Xbox 360 with Gears of War 3 for $39.99, and Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports Season 2 for $29.99 each.  It's not the best deal out there, but if you're going there for that lovely Gold Membership, it may be worth saving the hassle of driving somewhere else. 

hhgregg does showsome love to other console owners, offering their "value" picks for games like Prince of Persia (PS3), Star Ocean (PS3), Pirates of the Carribean (PS3), Bakugan (Wii), and many more games for just $9.99.

Our Take: hhgregg may not be the best place to go for those doorbusting gaming deals, but if you're looking for Xbox specific holiday gifts, or a few cheaper, older games this place may be worth a visit.


Sears was already included on my PS3 Black Friday guide, but they are actually offering much more for gamers.  Sears is offering sales on games for specific consoles.  For example, Battlefield 3 is for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, but Sears is only discounting it for Xbox 360 ($39.99).  Also on their list is Black Ops (PS3 - $29.99), FIFA Soccer 12 (PS3 - $39.99), Madden NFL 12 (PS3 - $39.99), NCAA FOotball 12 (PS3 - $39.99), RAGE (PS3 - $29.99), and Need for Speed: The Run (Xbox 360 - $39.99)

Sears is actually offering even more for PlayStation 3 gamers with their selection of "PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits Games".  In addition they are offering the popular 160GB PS3 Holiday Bundle ($199.99), wireless PS3 controller ($34.99), and a fe wmore PS3 accessories.

If you are looking for a handheld, Sears is also offering the Nintendo 3DS Flame Red Super Mario Bundle WITH a free $10 gift card for $199.99.

Our Take: Once again, not the greatest deals on the individual games, but we all know Walmart is going to be a madhouse for that PS3 bundle.  I'm predicting that Sears may be less crowded in the video game department so chances are if the "big four" are sold out, there's a chance you could find one here.

Sam's Club

If you have a membership to this prestigous "club", you can geta few of the big Fall blockbuster titles like Battlefield 3 (PS3, Xbox 360 - $36) and Madden NFL 12 (PS3, Xbox 360 - $36).

If you are looking for a Wii, they are selling the Limited Edition Blue Console for $99.  Unfortunately, the PS3 Holiday bundle is a little priced up here, but I'm assuming there won't be long lines.  The PS3 bundle is being sold for $239.00. 

For those who are interested in an Xbox 360 console, you can get a pretty decent deal with their Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Console Bundle which includes the console, a 3 month Xbox Live Gold Membership, Fable 3 and Halo Reach.

Our Take: Unless you are really looking to avoid lines, there's really no incentive to check out Sam's Club.  The Xbox 360 bundle isn't a bad deal, but they don't look to be offering anything worth an extra trip.


A lot of people tend to forget about Kmart, but this year they are the equivalent of a BCS Buster...or uhh, Black Friday Buster?  A few Xbox deals include the 4GB system ($149.99), Xbox 360 Controller ($39.99), Xbox Kinect Sensor ($99.99), Xbox LIVE 3 Month Gold Membership ($14.99)

As for PS3, you can pick up the same Holiday Bundle offered everywhere else for $199.99.

Kmart really shines in the individual game department where they are offering a wide variety of games for various platforms.  Metal Gear Solid HD Collect (Xbox 360 - $34.99), NCAA Football 12 (Xbox 360 - $39.99), RAGE (Xbox 360 - $29.99), Uncharted 2 (PS3 - $14.99), Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360 - $39.99), Dance Central 2 (Xbox 360 - $29.99), Killzone (PS3 - $29.99), Heavy Rain (PS3 - $14.99), Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360 - $34.99).  The list continues so Kmart may be worth the trip.

Our Take: Definitely a MUST-GO if you are looking for some deals.  They may not be the best, but like I said Kmart tends to be forgotten about so odds are you won't have that holiday rush.  Like I said, it won't win in the overall sales department this year, but Kmart is definitely a sleeper pick for holiday shopping.

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