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SOE Reveals Everquest: Veil of Alaris 'Erillion: City of Bronze'


Sony Online Entertainment reveals an inside look at the upcoming EverQuest: Veil of Alaris expansion. In the new trailer, EverQuest fans get a glimpse of the beautiful architecture in of one of the worlds largest cities, Erillion: City of Bronze, as they take a guided tour with Assistant Lead Designer, Alan VanCouvering and Environment Artist, Bob Painter.

About Erillion: City of Bronze Erillion, the City of Bronze, is a bastion of order and law. Designed to reflect these ideals in its every building, Erillion presents a fa├žade of perfection. From its broad avenues to its imposing city hall, nothing is permitted to deviate from its purpose. Enter this center of urban perfection and discover what mysteries it holds.

Enjoy the guided tour with Alan VanCouvering and Bob Painter.

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