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SOE Bringing Slam Bolt Scrappers to PSN Next Year


Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) and videogame developer Fire Hose Games have agreed to a publishing deal that will bring Slam Bolt Scrappers exclusively to the PlayStation Network in early 2011.

“Bringing Slam Bolt Scrappers to the PlayStation Network further strengthens our position as a leading publisher for independent titles” said Micah Loucks, Senior Producer at Sony Online Entertainment. “Slam Bolt Scrappers has been praised by critics and gamers alike and we look forward to bringing it to the PlayStation Network early next year.”

Slam Bolt Scrappers is a genre twisting mash-up of brawling and building set in the bizarre and fantastic Slam Bolt City. One to four players clash in an all-out brawl while simultaneously creating weapon packed towers that fight alongside them. Gameplay centers on assembling colored blocks into powerful weaponized turrets while defending against enemy attacks and mobbing creeps. The game presents a deep battle mode with tons of replayability and a fast and frantic co-op campaign filled with deviously charming baddies, epic bosses, and fun, cartoony levels.

“Fire Hose is psyched to be working with SOE on Slam Bolt Scrappers,” said Eitan Glinert, Fire Hose’s Fire Chief. "SOE has been terrific about helping us make the best game possible while letting us keep the creative freedom we need to succeed as Indies. Likewise, the PlayStation Network is proving itself to be a great home for highly innovative and creative titles, so the platform seems like a perfect place for Slam Bolt Scrappers.”

Slam Bolt Scrappers will be released exclusively for the PlayStation Network in early 2011.

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