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SOE on H1Z1 early access: 'We're getting there'


Sony Online Entertainment isn't ready to announce an Early Access date for upcoming zombie-survival MMO H1Z1, but the developer wants you to know that they're "getting there."

"We're still pushing forward," senior designer Jimmy Whisenhunt told me in an interview that'll be published soon. "We still have systems we want to flesh out and we're trying to show as much as we can as we move forward."

One of the latest things SOE has been showing off has been the dynamic weather in H1Z1 (also coming to PlanetSide 2). Last week the company released a batch of screenshots of a snowy H1Z1.

"Weather has been on that list for a long time," Whisenhunt continued, "because we want players to get a taste of a system that the game will eventually have. We're getting there."

"We're still shooting towards giving everyone that vertical slice," he said when asked about the team's overall goal. "We want to make sure that we have a little bit of each system, so the game is properly represented when they get a hold of it. So with Early Access, we want to be straight forward, and people know what to expect as development continues. Yeah we can listen to Reddit and Twitter, but until they get a taste of that system it's hard to take the opinion to heart. We want to make sure all those are there before we start developing alongside the community."

In mid-June, Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley confirmed that H1Z1 is playable through Steam, but had no Early Access launch date. He told fans that SOE wasn't meaning to be coy, they just want to announce it after the feature list is complete.

Check back later this week for our full interview with Jimmy Whisenhunt about H1Z1.

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