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SOE might charge one subscription for its whole suite of MMO games

Planetside 2

SOE offers free access to some of the most in-depth and fun MMOs that are currently out on the market. Both DC Universe Online and Planetside 2 offer completely different experiences from one another, but share the fact that both require absolutely no commitment at all to hop in and start playing. SOE is also gearing up for EverQuest Next and Landmark at some point this year, so their portfolio of games is constantly growing. Players who want to dive just a little deeper into each game can add a subscription if they choose, but SOE is thinking about switching that up a bit.

SOE chief John Smedley took to Reddit in a post that talked about some upcoming changes to their currency, as well as adding a new subscription that would blanket all their titles under it. For the current price of $14.99, players would have access to all their titles, which at the moment include DCU and PS2, but over time will extend to the two EQ titles as well. Smedley also mentioned that they have more games in store that haven't yet been announced, so that's something to look forward to.

The goal would be to let you pick an item in each game you play. Some of you might say "well who cares..I only play Planetside 2. How is that a benefit to me?" My answer is simple - we've got a great lineup of games, some of which aren't announced yet that cater to a lot of players.

We have EQN and EQNL coming along with other..... games... that PS2 players might just like.

The big caveat to this would be that it only qualifies for PC players, even though both current games are available on the PS4. A big factor in this is Station Cash, which is something console players don't have access to. 

We can't do the same kind of promotions as easily on the PS3 and PS4. We're a lot more limited because we can't use Station Cash on there. So when we have a 3x sale on SC we have to do something different for our console titles. It's a pain in the neck to deal with this.

Getting a player to dish out $14.99 for multiple subscriptions certainly sounds like a much better deal, and a smart way to incentivize not only the subscription itself, but for players to possibly check out the other games, they wouldn't consider before.

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