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SOE Live 2014: Three new classes revealed for EverQuest Next

dark elf elementalist

While we didn't really get a huge look at EverQuest Next as a whole, meaning we didn't really get to see the emergent storytelling or the newly announced rallying calls, we did get a pretty good look at three new classes and some of their abilities.

First off was the Cleric. Clerics generally are thought of as the straight up healers, staying in the back, making sure your party is alive and kicking. This isn't how the Cleric will be in EQ Next. He's more of a leader, being in the frontlines doing damage, while also casting supporting spells that will buff your party or grant them additional health. One pretty amazing skill allows the Cleric to call down a beacon, which puts an area under a protective bubble. Inside that bubble, the Cleric and his allies get an awesome visual touch with golden wings sprouted from their backs, but more importantly, they gain some necessary buffs to ensure victory.

The second class that was revealed was the Elementalist. As his name suggests, this mage specializes in casting various elemental spells. For example, he can cast a spread out ice attack, hitting up to three different enemies, and then shut them down with a pillar of fire, which stuns them for a short duration. But his spells aren't only relegated to damage dealing. He can also cast a frost spell on the ground, turning what was once a dense material like bricks into a brittle ice, and a warrior for example can smash his way through, to create an escape situation.

Lastly, the Tempest is a lightning quick assassin. Lightning, because she specialized in casting lightning abilities that dealt damage as well as stunned opponents, and an assassin, because she has crazy high mobility, allowing her to appear behind her enemies and surprise them with a backstab. This class was easily the most mobile.

EverQuest Next will have over 40 classes at launch, so this is just tip of the iceberg. We can't wait to find out more.

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