SOE Live 2014: The current state of EverQuest Next

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If you were wondering what's going on with SOE's EverQuest Next, especially since for the past year we've been getting constant updates to Landmark, you're not alone. In fact, that's one of the most prominent questions that Dave Georgeson, Director of Development of both Next and Landmark, gets on a frequent basis. And after a long year, he finally has an answer for everyone.
"The number one question we heard over the past year was 'when are you guys going to start building EverQuest Next?' We heard it all the time, and the answer is, we have been building EverQuest Next, we've been building it right in front of you for the past year, it's called Landmark."
Now, that doesn't mean that as Landmark will one day become Next. The two games will still remain completely separate once Next launches, and will in fact cater to very different kinds of players. We'll touch on this a little later as we got to sit down with Georgeson to talk about the key differences for each game.
"So you may not realize it but we're making all the systems that we need for EverQuest Next, and they're being built right here in Landmark. The new Norrath needs to be really wonderful to adventure through. We also need a thriving economy that's based on player creations with a solid crafting foundation. And then character classes have special weapons and items that give them different abilities, which should sound familiar if you've played Landmark."
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