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SOE Live 2014: H1Z1 is coming to PS4

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In a surprise announcement made during SOE Live last night -- which really shouldn't be too much of a surprise for anyone familiar with SOE -- it was confirmed that H1Z1 is coming to PlayStation 4.
This announcement has been a long time coming given the nature of SOE, which already has DC Universe Online on the PS4 with PlanetSide 2 on the way, but it was made official last night.
Unfortunately, we have no other details regarding the PS4 version. The announcement was made after our interview with SOE yesterday, so we don't know if it's set to arrive alongside the PC version or if it'll come at a later date. We will try to find out more throughout the weekend though.
Last night's announcement comes just days after Bohemia Interactive revealed that their similar post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, DayZ, would be coming to PS4 as well. We actually asked SOE about how they felt about DayZ on PS4 -- since we already assumed H1Z1 would be coming to consoles -- but they didn't seem too concerned.
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