SOE Live 2014: EverQuest getting anti-ninja looting system later this year

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Looking to give players the tools to avoid situations like the ninja looter, SOE has announced plans to release an "advanced looting feature" that will hopefully be available later this year.

The new loot system is design to put the focus of playing on fun, and not worrying about ninja looters. According to SOE, it's an "adaptive system" that will learn based on your actions. You'll be able to teach the system to always loot the certain items you always want to loot, or never loot the items you never want to see again.

"We have a lot of items and loot in our game, and sometimes that loot fills up the inventory and they aren't always the items the player wants," said SOE. "So they can teach the system that." 

The new looting is said to be a hybrid system between master looting and random rolling, usable in solo, group, and raid play. It'll be available later this year.

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