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SOE Live 2014: EverQuest 2 Alter of Malice expansion revealed

EQ 2 Altar of Malice

Sony Online Entertainment is readying to release one of the biggest expansions ever for EverQuest 2, the 11th for the long-standing MMORPG. Revealed during SOE Live, it's called Altar of Malice, and increases the level cap to 100, offers 14 heroic zones, 6 raids, 6 advanced solo zones, 2 contested zones, 2 overlands, and 4 new Avatars of the Gods.

Altar of Malice will take place in the Shabby Sea, a small body of water between Antonica and Faydwer. The expansion will see you travel there to make contact with a group called the Far Seas Trading Company in attempt to broker a deal with them for the Overlord of Freeport. While exploring the seas, however, you come across a disaster and, well, obviously you must investigate. 

Some of features include: Prestige abilities to level 100; a tradeskill apprentice that will provide recipes for players to create some best-in-slot items in the game; itemized magna carta with a goal to provide a lot of variety in the loot provided to players so you can customize the way you want to play; Grandmasters for spells up to level 100; and Rare Ancient spell scrolls, a new tier that you can find that's more significantly powerful; an an increase in guild level to 100 with upgraded guild amenities and guild halls.

Around the same time the expansion arrives, SOE will also increase guild level to 100 with upgraded guild amenities and guild halls.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement, however, is the arrival of a new playable race: the Aerakyn, who were introduced in last year's expansion. The Aerakyn are gorgeous, horned creatures with tons of customization options ranging from horns on the head, wing style, hair color and scale patterns. They also have unique combat animations that appear as wing attacks. The coolest thing about Aerakyn though, are the wings that you are born with. As you level, your wings will develop over time so at level 85, when you are able to fly, you can fly with the wings you were born with.

SOE didn't give us a release date, but listed it as one of the things coming "this winter and next year." 

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