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Soda Drinker Pro perfectly simulates the joy of sipping an ice cold drink!


Here I was, sipping away at my (real life) soda, daydreaming about the joys of sipping this ice cold drink on the beach. My fantasies get the best of me and I all of a sudden think of what it would be like to sip this tasty beverage in the park. I keep slipping more and more into my fantasy and realize, my desire is to finish this soda off in the darkness of space.

My inbox lights up, just like a fairy godmother, waiting to grant me my wish. "Here's a Soda Drinking Simulation Game!" My prayers were answered. Here it was, an amazing free download that provided me with minutes, no, hours of entertainment. The realistic physics and sounds of sipping an ice cold drink are so beautifully recreated that I couldn't stop playing.


The game took me through five whimsical levels that all allowed me to experience the joys of sipping an icy beverage while taking in the gorgeous sights of my surroundings. First I was whisked away to the beach, where I walked through the soft sand, with a lighthouse shining bright into my eyes and the sea breeze in my face. All of this I was able to take in while sipping away at my soda.


The second level then transported me to a majestic park, complete with hills, trees and an abandoned house that belonged to old man Goldstein. I miss him. It didn't matter though, because all my troubles were gone as soon as I took a sip of that delicious soda.


Upon the very last sip of my second soda, I then found myself in a strange room with geometric obstacles suspended in air. It felt surreal and somewhat magical. I felt afraid at first. Would I ever be able to leave this strange room? Are there any doors or windows? Will I be stuck here forever? None of these things mattered once I felt the icy condensation of my soda hit my virtual hand. Bliss.


Even though I had just finished three sodas, I thirsted for more. I closed my eyes, and opened them to find myself drifting in deep space. Panicked, I held my breath. How would I breathe? I opened my mouth and put the plastic straw inside, and once again felt comfort. The rush of sweet soda filled my mouth, ran down my throat and there it was; comfort. Even though I had no idea how to get back to Earth, it was OK, because my soda would keep my company.


Just like that, after I finished the fourth soda, I found myself in a castle. I could feel my bladder getting full, but I couldn't pass up yet another delicious drink. As I pondered my existence, and the reason for why I seemed to teleport to various locations after I finished each soda, I've come to the realization that none of it mattered. Who needed an explanation for something so trivial. All that mattered was that I just experienced the best soda drinking simulation ever.

If you want to take part in this amazing 5 level simulation, don't hesitate, it might change your life. Head on over to the Soda Drinker Pro official page and download the game for yourself.

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