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Social media suggests gamers more excited for Call of Duty: Ghosts than Battlefield 4


It looks like Call of Duty will once again reign supreme over Battlefield, if social media chatter is any indication. Fizziology, a social media research firm which provides "meaningful business intelligence" by tracking and studying data gained from social media websites, has found that fans are talking more about Call of Duty: Ghosts than Battlefield 4.

Comparing this year's two most anticipated first-person shooters, Fizziology has revealed that Call of Duty: Ghosts has seen 63,431 tweets this past week with "23% more relevant social mentions" than Battlefield 4 which saw 51,735 tweets. Of course, mere mentions aren't the only indicator as they can sometimes be negative.

Breaking things down further, Fizziology said Ghosts saw a higher percentage of "positive buzz," with 74% of the conversation surrounding Ghosts classified as positive. Comparatively, just 60% of the Battlefield 4 social chatter was comprised of "positive buzz." With that being said, both shooters saw extremely low amounts of "negative" chatter. Just 1% of the total conversation, Fizziology revealed, was negative.

Lastly, 39% of Ghosts' social mentions came from "people who can't wait to play the game." Just 23% of Battlefield 4's social buzz was made up of that same excitement, though it's worth pointing out that Battlefield 4 has been in open beta for quite a while now. So it's likely that fans have already played some of the game's stellar multiplayer.

Again, this is merely research indicating excitement over the games and do not necessarily reflect how each will sell upon release. However, social media is generally a good way to track response towards a product and based on the extremely low "negative chatter" surrounding each game, it's probably safe to assume that both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 will sell tremendously well.

Battlefield 4 will have the head start though, releasing on October 29. Call of Duty: Ghosts will release a week later on November 5, but that has never hindered the franchise's sales.

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