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Social Aspect of Battlefield 3 Detailed in New Battlelog Trailer


DICE has just released a new trailer giving players an in-depth look at the features and functionality of the free social platform Battlelog.  Battlelog is the central hub for all things Battlefield 3.  This is where you go to launch the game, whether it be single player or multiplayer.  By moving it to the web, it means no more waiting time when joining a multiplayer game.  Even more, it allows for better use of social tools to find friends to play with.  This is particularly important for Battlefield 3 which is heavily focused on team play.

For those who haven't yet explored Battlelog, it is a free feature of Battlefield 3 that will allow you to track your stats via console, web, or mobile devices.  DICE is taking Battlefield 3's Battlelog to the next level, changing the way you can interact with your friends in BF3.

DICE has introduced social elements like forum posts and showing banter between friends, in addition to in-game stats and progress.  Battlelog encourages competitive play by showcasing friends in-game achievements and progrss.  What better way to get the competitive juices flowing than seeing your friend just unlock a new weapon before you?

"Players can choose to like someone elses feed, comment on it, or chat about the round just played in real-time with all players."

DICE is also included a leaderboard which can be filtered to just show your friends.  Now you can set the rules for comparison making for a more personal gaming experience.

Battlelog also let's you form Platoons with a group of friends to play and collect stats together.

"A Platoon is essentially the classic concept of gaming clans, only taken to the next level of flexibility and social interaction. Anyone can start their own Platoon easily in Battlelog. Give your Platoon a name, a description, and an abbreviation, and then you’re ready to start inviting friends through the slick Battlelog interface.

To personalize your Platoon, you can use the built-in emblem feature in Battlelog, where you pick and choose from ready-made shapes and templates and then place and format them to your liking. Up to 100 players can be part of a Platoon at any given time, and you can be a member of three different Platoons at the same time – you just need to select which of these you want to be active at any one time."

Your success in Battlefield 3 relies heavily on your ability to work as a team. Platoons now make that easier.  Every game you play when part of a Platoon will count towards your Platoon's aggregate stats, scores, and ranks.  You also have a Platoon specific feed in Battlelog that will show everything that concerns your Platoon – people joining, internal chats, new match records for your members, and anything else you need to keep track of what is happening in your group of players.

Some of the recent updates to Battlelog as of yesterday include:

  • Allowed Pending EA-ID accounts on the site.
  • Minor tweaks and updates to the Stats pages based on reports from the Forums.
  • Improved copy on the Origin friends import screen.
  • Minor tweaks to the Party and join system.
  • Fix for the “Your active soldier is not ready for duty” problem newly registered users have been seeing.
  • More updates to the filter handling in the Server Browser, default servers now have even more available slots.
  • Fix for Battle reports listing in Profiles.
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