Soccer RPG Inazuma Eleven available on 3DS eShop today

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Inazuma Eleven, the RPG soccer game from Level-5, was just announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation today. Even better, it's available today on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for North America and Europe.

In Inazuma Eleven, you are a soccer goalkeeper that starts a soccer club at his school. There's 1000 playable characters, each with their different skills, to recruit and use in soccer matches. You can also level up these players and give them stat boosts so they perform better in matches.

There's two different parts to the gameplay: story-based role-playing where you get recruits and items, and then there's the soccer matches, which uses touchscreen and tactics to keep control of the ball and score. You also use special attacks, like a fire tornado kick, to shoot and score. 

Inazuma Eleven

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