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Zelda 3D Comes Out Tomorrow


Tomorrow we see the re-launch of a video game classic: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 3DS. Are you going to be one of the gamers who wakes up tomorrow morning and grabs a copy of this stellar fantasy action-adventure title?

So far the game has received mass critical acclaim. From the looks of it, the game plays as great as ever, and the tweaks to the inventory screen and the bonus content round out the package quite nicely. I can't see why any die-hard Nintendo fan with a 3DS wouldn't want to revisit this epic.

Many gamers have made a point to criticize Nintendo for releasing a remake of a game from 1998 for the 3DS. The argument from most of these individuals is that they want fresh titles on the Big N's newest handheld as opposed to a visually revamped title. If you loved Ocarina of Time back when it hit the Nintendo 64, you'll probably love it now that it has been fully remastered in every possible way.

My not having a 3DS negates any chances of getting the game, but I would still highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys solid action-adventure gameplay and wondrous fantasy settings. This is easily one of the best games in the series, and it became a phenomenon when it revolutionized many notions people had about gaming back in the day. If anything, at least pick the game up and keep busy until the launch of Skyward Sword.

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