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So this is what the two Juliet Starlings were doing in Akihabara

Jessica Nigri and Mayu Kawamoto, also known as the faces of Lollipop Chainsaw, invaded Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan last week. Along with producer Suda51, the two Juliet Starling pro cosplayers promoted the upcoming action game in front of countless fans.

The Japanese audience was treated to a demo of the game, as well as a sick stage event featuring Nigri, Kawamoto, and Suda51. The two lovely Juliets did some meet-and-greets with the fans, and they said a lot of stuff I couldn't understand in a high-energy tone.

I doubt we'll get a cool event like that here in North America. At least we're getting Lollipop Chainsaw, though. That's certainly something to look forward to. Watch out for the game, which is scheduled to hit retailers on June 12.


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