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So, how has the WWE Network held up over time?

So, how has the WWE Network held up over time?

The WWE Network launched back in February. That six month requirement is almost up, so it’s time to ask: have I enjoyed being a subscriber?

Yes, I have, but it hasn’t been an overwhelming success.

The ability to view every PPV for only $9.99 a month is worth the subscription alone, as is the ability to go back and watch anything from the WWE backlog. As I write this article up, I’m watching ECW One Night Stand 2005. It’s really, really nice to be able to watch these videos in high quality, listen to the crowd, and watch matches uninterrupted without hoping they’re on YouTube in half-decent quality.

The experience hasn’t been without its faults, though. PPV streams through the PlayStation 3 client have had a tendency to be spotty. The PlayStation 4 client hasn’t been perfect, either; the Payback PPV had its fair share of latency issues and hiccups. You know what’s really nice, though? Being able to pull up matches on my phone while in bed late at night.

You know what’s not really nice, tough? A piss poor search function that rivals Reddit’s search function for “usefulness.” They really, really need to improve that, stabilize its live stream quality, and give an extra “oomph” for reasons to subscribe, because as nice as the PPVs are every month, there’s something missing.

It’s been worth the money though. It’s absolutely been worth the money. It’s just not an instant purchase, instead only for the biggest of wrestling fans out there.

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