So are PS3 players really bad at Dark Souls 2 or what?

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Dark Souls 2 just released yesterday and already PlayStation 3 players have amassed nearly three million deaths. On the flip side, just three -- THREE -- players have cleared the game, according to stats posted on the official Dark Souls 2 stat tracker page.

Look, Dark Souls 2 is challenging. I get it; but, it doesn't seem like Xbox 360 players are having nearly as much difficulty. Comparitively, 1,657 Xbox 360 players have cleared the game while the death total is only at about 1.3 million.

I know for a fact that the numbers don't update in real time (as both death stats aren't nearly as high as our in-game numbers show), but I still find it baffling that the PS3 has so many more deaths and so much fewer completions compared to Xbox 360. It's worth pointing out that the "cause of death" totals don't necessarily add up to the total deaths for each platform either, so maybe there is some inaccuracies with the site.

So what gives? Are PS3 players really that bad at Dark Souls 2? Or are Xbox 360 players making it look easy? We've reached out to Namco Bandai to ask about the accuracy of the site's numbers.

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