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SNK PLAYMORE USA Announces World Heroes Anthology for PS2

November 6, 2007

SNK PLAYMORE USA Announces World Heroes Anthology for PS2

SNK PLAYMORE USA today announced WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY for the PlayStation 2.

WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY is a complete compilation of the WORLD HEROES series, one of SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION's most popular 2D-fighting series. Included in the collection are WORLD HEROES, WORLD HEROES 2, WORLD HEROES 2 JET and WORLD HEROES PERFECT.

In WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY, players battle through history in a tournament facilitated by a time machine, so many of the game's dozens of characters are based on actual historical figures. WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY includes hand-to-hand combat as well as weapons-based fighting, and super-human abilities allow characters to perform powerful special attacks.

"WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY puts a twist on the tried-and-true 2D-fighter formula," said Ben Herman, president of SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION. "The time-travel element allows for the inclusion of characters inspired by figures ranging from ancient philosophers to modern-day athletes."

WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY will be available for the PlayStation 2 in spring 2008.

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