Sniper Elite V2 announced for Wii U

Sniper Elite V2 Screenshot - 1095140

Wii U owners can rest easy knowing that Sniper Elite V2 will now be heading to Nintendo's recently released console. The WWII stealth action game, developed by Rebellion, will offer the same thrilling gameplay finely tuned to the Wii U GamePad controller.

By simply glancing down at the touchscreen, you'll will be able to tag enemies and booby-traps, track enemy locations and activity, and monitor the blast radius of planted explosives.

Sniper Elite is just the kind of mature game that is perfect for the different mechanics of the Wii U. It’s been a challenge to get it right, but thanks to our team and the fantastic support of our partners at 505 Games we believe we’ve brought the unique gameplay to a whole new platform," said Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley.

Sniper Elite V2 is due out on the Wii U in spring 2013. The only question remains, will you still be able to kill Hitler?

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