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Sneak peek at the upcoming 'Iron Man 3' trailer

iron man 3

Last week, I reported that you could help unlock the Iron Man 3 trailer by 'liking' the film's Facebook page. It turns out, that was only 'kinda' true. When every fan got together and helped power up Tony Stark's arc reactor, it actually unlocked a 17-second teaser that contains seven actual seconds of footage. Not to worry, as the first trailer for Iron Man 3 will premiere tomorrow, Tuesday October 23, 2012.

This shouldn't stop you from watching the teaser, though:

It looks like we get a glimpse at The Mandarin, the villain portrayed by Ben Kingsley. It also looks like Pepper Potts is being tortured, or something along those lines. Looks like we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out more.

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