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Sneak Peak of New League of Legends Champ 'Graves, the Outlaw'


A new outlaw has come to town.  He goes by the name of Graves and he looks to be the newest addition to League of Legends.

"If you’ve ever had a nemesis in your life that made you want to call him out for a showdown like the no-good, low-down, varmint, snake-in-the-grass that he is, you’ll probably have a bit in common with this next champion."

Described as a "crack-shot renegade", Graves seems to have some beef with Twisted Fate, another Southernly gentleman.

From the image teased below, it appears as though Graves has been "holed up", presumably in some sort of jail cell judging by his "Outlaw" title.  Now that he's out, he is on the warpath, and doesn't seem too happy with Twisted Fate.  Whether or not Twisted Fate has anything to do with him being "holed up" is yet to be known, but for whatever reason Graves is on the hunt for the Card Master.

Exactly how Twisted Fate ended up as a nemesis of Graves isn't exactly clear, but he must have wronged Graves in some way to make him "want to call him out for a showdown like the no-good, low-down, varmint, snake-in-the-grass that he is."

Taking a look at Twisted Fate's backstory, TF "gambled his way to prosperity as a card shark in the seedy underground gambling circuits of Demacia and Noxus."  Maybe Graves is out for revenge after being swindled in a betting ring? 

Then again, Twisted Fate was able to alude authorities that came close to catching him.  Perhaps Twisted Fate somehow framed Graves, resulting in the outlaw status and eventual imprisonment. 

Well now Graves is out and, for whatever reason, looking to settle the score with the notorious Card Master.  Locked and loaded with a double barrel rifle, "somebody’s going to go out with a bang!"

Graves, the Outlaw teaser



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