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Snag Dino Run SE for Free for a Limited Time


You like free games, don't you? I'm certain you do. I mean, everyone loves free stuff, right? And as long as we're discussing what people like and don't like, I'm pretty sure you like dinosaurs, and I know you don't like passing up a free title that you can easily spend your spare time playing.

If you agree with the aforementioned paragraph (and you should if you're normal), then you're about to get pretty stoked. For the rest of the day (and until October 10 for Mac users), you'll be able to download Dino Run SE absolutely free of charge. That's definitely awesome, and you should take advantage while you still can.

For those of you who may be unaware, Dino Run SE allows you to take a little dinosaur, change his color and pattern, and dress him up with a fancy hat. How cool (and adorable) is that? You can then take your dino and outrun death as you avoid falling rocks and maneuver around other dinosaurs.

Dino Run SE features an addictive gameplay design that will keep you enthralled while you play. And if you're looking for something to spend some time on in between gaming and other activities, this quick download definitely does the trick. Also, if you want things to be a little more hectic, you can try out the game's multiplayer mode.

Score Dino Run SE for free at Bandcamp or the Mac App Store. Oh, and you also get some free music with your download. That's like having both honey and syrup on your (free) pancakes!

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