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Snag a bunch of great Paradox games in the Humble Weekly Sale


Another week means another great weekly bundle from the awesome folks over at Humble Bundle and Paradox. This time we're treated to a rather varied collection of games, for just about anyone and everyone.

For paying a $1 or more, you'll get access to great games like Europa Universalis III, War of the Roses Kingmaker, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, Leviathan Warships, Dungeonland, and The Showdown Effect.

By now you know the deal, if you pay more than average, you'll also get access to Crusader Kings II as well as the fantastic Magicka.

However! For those that pay $125 or more, those individuals will get access to 48 Paradox games, as well as 20 soundtracks. A little excessive, but hey if you're a Paradox fan, you got nothing to lose.

Head on over to the Humble Weekly Bundle page to snag your cheap games, and contribute to charity!

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