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Smite reveals Neith, Weaver of Fate


Have you not been waiting for a high mobility, snare heavy, ranged god in Smite? Neith, Weaver of Fate, fulfills this role with predictable ease. With her trusted bow in hand - Neith is a ranged, physical, fighter. Her passive ability focuses on broken weaves and hitting these weaves with other abilities to ignite a different effect. The weaves drop from killed enemy gods and from her ‘Backflip’ ability.

Spirit Arrow passes through all foes, both damaging and snaring them in place. If a weave is hit by a Spirit Arrow it explodes adding area of effect damage.

Unravel damages and debuffs foes. In addition to these two effects, Unravel also heals Neith. If the ability hits a weave the heal is greater.

Backflip gives Neith either an escape or an initiation tool depending on how it is used. The ability moves her backwards, damages foes in a wide cone, and leaves a weave on the ground. So if you Backflip then Spirit Arrow the weave and enemy god you have distance, a snare, and serious damage. If you’re chasing down a foe you can also use backflip backwards to close the gap and finish the god.

World Weaver is Neith’s ultimate. The Egyptian goddess fires a stunning arrow across the entire map ignoring all terrain. If it hits the enemy god is stunned. If World Weaver hits a weave, the stun becomes AOE.   

Get Neith and put fate into your own hands (I couldn't resist).

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