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Smite patch features jungle changes and AFRO-Dite skin


The newest update to Smite has some pretty remarkable changes coming to the jungle. First off, jungle lanes are wider. So you fatty jungler types will be able to navigate easier. On top of that, camp positions have been properly adjusted. Two brand new XP camps have been added for more jungle efficiency. Certain camps like the Fire Giant have been made more open to encourage group fighting to secure the natural monster’s death. Lastly, fog of war now exists within the jungle for more ambushing and map awareness necessity.   

This patch also introduces a brand new skin for Aphrodite. The AFRO-Dite skin is a pun off her name that well, makes her into a disco type character. With a bangin afro, disco ball staff, and an illuminated dance floor under here wherever she goes, this skin will certainly make you ready for Boogie Nights.

Check out the trailer below and prepare for a more disco-centric jungle.

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