Smite enters open beta today with tons of new content

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When it comes to gods killing gods in 5v5 types of scenarios, things can get pretty heated. The action of Smite brings the MOBA action with a third person view of your character. So while closed beta has been going on for some time, those days have finally come to an end. As of today, Smite has gone full-on open beta so there is officially no excuse to not give it a whirl now.

The Conquest map has received some seriously amazing visual updates. While everything is more aesthetically pleasing, the design and layout is the same as it has always been – no worries there. The solo practice map now has an AI controlled opponent now. Sorry manticore fans.

The ranked and challenge conquest modes received some face lifts as well. Now you’ll be able to partake in draft modes where a god selected by one team can’t be selected by the other. However, once your team has a god, that god can be traded to others members on that team.

A party is a term to describe the group you have for a single match while a team is more like a guild. On a team you have leaders, members, initiates, and officers. If you party with 5 team members you can compete in conquest matches vs. other teams.

While Smite is working on a spectator mode, this mode is only available to tournament admins and shout- casters. There will be a player spectator mode down the line but just not quite yet. Right now the Smite developers are just concerned with cheating though spectating.

New match stats will be available to players after each match.  These stats will include damage taken, kill streaks, and multi kills.  There will also be more skins including a unique skin for beta testers that make it to level 30. These players will receive the Demon Ymir skin upon release. 

Lastly, there will also be a referral program to reward veterans for bringing new players to Smite. That is a mighty large list of changes to Smite geared towards the open Beta release. Have you Smited yet? 

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