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SmackDown vs. Raw Is Out, WWE '12 Is THQ's Next Wrestling Game


It seems WWE SmackDown vs. Raw is no more, as the iconic wrestling organization and THQ have decided to re-brand the long-running franchise. WWE '12 will be the next game in THQ's series of grapplers, as first announced on WWE's official website. It's about time for a name change, right?

WWE has managed to become a household name, becoming one of the most marketable franchises around. You can bet old Vinnie Mac is all for the series re-branding, as WWE '12 sounds a lot more marketable. Also, given how SmackDown vs. Raw has gone downhill over the past few years, a name change could be just what the folks over at THQ need to put some more care into the product.

According to the official post, WWE '12 will feature "the most realistic in-ring action ever seen in a WWE video game." Expect to see the return of many of the series' staple match types and edit modes, including Create-a-Superstar, Story Designer, and Create-a-Finisher. Improved WWE Universe and Road to Wrestlemania modes are also being touted by WWE and THQ.

The game will also run on a new engine and feature "Predator Technology," which will make the game look more realistic and provide a big fight feel in terms of presentation. Gamers can expect improved AI, which is great news considering how bad it was in SmackDown vs. Raw 2011. A brand new submission system, called the "Breaking Point" system, will also make its debut in WWE '12.

It's going to be interesting to see what changes THQ incorporates into this WWE series of video games. An overhaul has been long overdue, and it's about time gamers got a credible wrestling game. WWE '12 will launch this fall for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. No word on whether the game will hit PlayStation 2 and PSP, but seriously, it's time for THQ to move away from those systems.

I really hope the game's box art isn't official. The thought of Randy Orton appearing on the cover of a video game annoys me. Also, here's a screenshot of Orton getting his ass kicked by a much better wrestler:

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