Sleeping Dogs Wheels of Fury DLC brings a weaponized vehicle to Hong Kong

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The driving and vehicle variety in Sleeping Dogs is prettttty tight. Tearing up the mean streets of Hong Kong in your vehicle of choice with someone terrified in your trunk is priceless. What if you could, you know, drive around in something meant for street wars? What if you could drive in a weaponized vehicle? If this intrigues you, you should check out the Wheels of Fury DLC.

Dr. Tang has created the ultimate car for Shen. The DZS-90 comes packed with roof-mounted machine guns, four wheel steering, and an EMP pulse weapon. Going from no weapons on a car to a fully armed deathmobile is quite the extreme opposite. This DLC will grant you the car as well five new story missions focused around drug dealing.

Damn streets of Hong Kong, you scary; take the DZS-90! This bad boy can be yours for $3.99 or 320 Microsoft Points.

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