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Sleeping Dogs story trailer hypes up the game rather swimmingly


I'm going to be 100 percent honest. I never really cared about the True Crime series. Though I heard some good things about it from people who played the games, I never saw the appeal. I could have sworn I was never going to play a True Crime game.

Technically, that still holds true despite the fact that I really want to play Sleeping Dogs. Hey, it may have been True Crime: Hong Kong at one point, but that's no longer the case. Instead, Sleeping Dogs looks to provide devloper United Front Games with a second chance to release what became the canceled True Crime: Hong Kong.

I just watched the story trailer for Sleeping Dogs, and I have to say, I'm even more stoked than when I checked out those cool screenshots not too long ago. You play as an undercover cop who's trying to get the inside scoop on the Sun On Yee. Things get violent, and you quickly find out just how crazy the life of a Triad can be.

Sleeping Dogs is set to launch later this year. The game will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. I'll definitely be watching out for this one. Will you?

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