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Sleeping Dogs reveals DLC filled October


This October, Sleeping Dogs fans will be assaulted with a collection of DLC ranging from mission packs to player upgrades.

With four separate sets of DLC, you may be wondering whether or not your wallet will be crying it in fear come October. Worry not, the devs at United Front Games aren't looking to clean out your wallet. The Community Gift Pack DLC's is going to be free! You heard me, FREE!

With that being said let's take a closer look at what the October DLC offers:

Street Racer Pack

  • Three new races in bikes, cars and speedboats
  • Exclusive Sting bike with fast acceleration and increased handling
  • Exclusive Dragon outfit with reduced damage from accidents and gunfire


  • 20 new missions
  • 4 different mission types
  • Exclusive cop outfit with damage resistance
  • New SWAT vehicle

Tactical Soldier Pack

  • New armour and weapon
  • Items carry 50% bullet damage resistance buff

Community Gift Pack

  • Exclusive UFG Bisai car
  • UFG t-shirt (for your character)
  • A luchadore wrestler mask

Check out the DLC reveal trailer below.

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