Sleeping Dogs is getting a whole slew of DLC coming soon

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While Sleeping Dogs being out for some months now, it’s good to hear Square Enix announcing a new DLC campaign for the next six months. New content means happy fans and ultimately a better game. I beat this game over winter break and had a blast with it. The melee combat of Sleeping Dogs puts it aside from GTA games and Saints Row.

The Year of the Snake will put Shen against the Cult of the Snake, a vicious end of the world cult. This DLC will add new weapons, tear gas, electroshock pistols, outfits, and a story that takes place immediately after the main story line.

The Movie Masters Pack will give Shen some new outfits as he becomes his own kung fu hero. You become the Unknown Warrior and dawn the outfit of the Bronze Warrior.

In Wheel of Fury drug smuggling becomes a thing. Shen’s longtime pal Dr Tang has created the means to put the Sun On Yee above all other gangs. With a weaponized supercar, the DZS-90, you will have all the means necessary to take down all those who oppose you.

With the Law Enforcer Pack you will gain access to all sorts of law enforcement goodies. This gear will include police department gear, two cop outfits, and new weapon, and five police vehicles.

Voted for by the Sleeping Dogs community, the Monkey King Pack allows Shen to take form of the mythical Sun Wukong. This outfit comes with a staff, powers, and a car. No demon will be safe in the underground.

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