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Sleeping Dogs and others get their turn in Steam's Flash Sales


I remember when I had to wait 24 hours during each Steam sale to find out what's on sale next. Now it seems like every few hours we're treated with different games to buy for extremely cheap. While I'm still holding out for Dead Space 2 and Just Cause 2 (I know, they're old, I just missed out on those back when they released) I can't help but inch my mouse over to the buy now button for Sleeping Dogs and its amazing price of $16.99! Seriously, that's a steal!

Flash Game and Community's Choice summary:

Sleeping Dogs - $49.99 $16.99

Space Marine Collection - $29.99 $7.49

Thirty Flights of Loving - $4.99 $2.49

Orcs Must Die 2 - $14.99 $3.74

While I personally think that Space Marine was simply OK, Sleeping Dogs, Thirty Flights of Loving and Orcs Must Die 2 are absolute must buys!

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