SlayerS.Boxer retires, rejoins old team SK Telecom as Coach

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The legendary "Terran Emperor" Lim 'Boxer' Yo-Hwan has announced moments ago that he has agreed to coach his old StarCraft: Brood War team SK Telecom. He leaves his old team, Slayers, a team which he has built in the capable hands of his long time girlfriend Kim "Slayers.Jessica" Ya-Yeon. She has long managed the team, but now steps up to the plate to captain as well.

"You [Boxer] have strength wherever you go.  We are Slayers~ Trust me and follow me boys, I'll do this..." she had to say on her Twitter account regarding the transfer.

Apparently, there is some discrepency about Boxer's actual "retirement" from the game, but according to KeSPA guidelines, he cannot be both a player and a coach at the same time. We'll see for sure as SK Telecom will have a press conference on their new coach on Friday.

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Dustin Steiner I'm GameZone's eSports Correspondent and resident fighting game guru. I'm also Event Coordinator for Video Gaming Hard Corps, where we host online and local tournaments in addition to have general fellowship among gamers. Check us out!
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