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Skyrim Will Fit On 1 Disc for Xbox 360


While previewing a hands-on demo of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at PAX Prime, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Senior Community Manager Matt Grandstaff about the much anticipated RPG which features several hundred hours of gameplay. You'd think a game of that length would require multiple discs for the Xbox 360, but when asking him how many discs the Xbox 360 will need to fit all of the content, he confirmed, "There will only be 1 disc for Skyrim."

Unfortunately Grandstaff wasn't able to give us an exact size of install for the Xbox 360, but he did say it uses "most of the DVD space." Many may find it hard to believe that a game like RAGE will take 22GB of space while a game with as much content like Skyrim will take less space, but most of RAGE's space is taken up by it's hi-def quality environments and graphics. While Skyrim's graphics are nothing to scoff at, it has also been confirmed that it looks much prettier on the computer. I would assume that they had to scale down the quality of Skyrim's graphics for the Xbox 360.

For whatever reason, Skyrim will officially ship on ONE disc for the Xbox 360.

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