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Skyrim patch 1.4 to fix PS3 lag


If you're still holding onto your broadsword and practicing your dragon shouts, and you're specifically doing this on the PlayStation 3, this is the time to get excited.

The official Bethesda Blog twitter account posted about a day ago that an update, titled 1.4 patch will be coming sometime this month, and will hopefully solve the lag issue that plagued the PS3 version specifically.

If you've been following our coverage, then you know that Skyrim has won GameZone's Game of the Year Award, despite the amount of glitches in the game. Thankfully during our playthrough, we have never encountered the many game-breaking bugs that other users have reported, but the one's we did see, never really spoiled our playthrough. Instead they were usually so humorous, that we ended having a good time with them.

This is unfortunately something that comes almost standard with any open world RPGs. With so many random occurences happening at once, and on such a grand scale, something is bound to go wrong at some point.

We're just happy that Bethesda is working hard to fix these issues, and gamers that since gave up on Skyrim due to these bugs, should definitely give this game another chance.

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