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Skyrim Patch 1.2 Breaks Magic Resistance on PS3


On Monday, Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim patch 1.2, or 2.01, for the PlayStation 3.  Amongst the many fixes and improvements contained in the patch was the dreaded lag issues many PS3 users encountered when playing the game for long periods of time possibly due to massive save file sizes. However, like most patches for games, when one thing gets fixed, another gets broken. It hasn't taken gamers much time to find the new bugs.

Complaints on the Bethesda forums about the game no longer recognizing player's magic resistance have begun springing up.

Forum poster, mad_dwarf, brought up the topic when he posted: "before the patch my magic resistance stats were through the roof. after the patch my stats still say theyre through the roof but enemy spells now do more damage to my pure mage then physical attacks"

It didn't take long for other users to encounter the same problem and share their frustrations on the forums. 

"I have the same issue, my magic resitances do nothing or possibly hurt me, how the hell did they screw that up? Needs to be fixed immediately," said Lord_Othe_dance.

From there the complaints about broken magic resistance kept rolling in, though some claim their resistance is working just fine.

Youtube user, Lancum, provided some visual evidence of the update 1.2 broken magic resistance glitch which can be seen below.

Bethesda hasn't confirmed nor denied the glitch, but has acknowledged that they are aware of the complaints.

"We're investigating," said the Bethesda staff.  A short, simple response to the ongoing thread of complaints.  With the Xbox 360 and PC 1.2 update scheduled to release tonight/tomorrow we should begin to see if this is an isolated PS3 incident or if this will become a widespread bug.

Are you noticing broken magic resistance on your character since the 1.2 update?

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