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Skyrim Now Available for Pre-Load on Steam


Bethesda's Pete Hines confirmed earlier that Skyrim is now available to download and pre-load on your PC via Steam - two days before the official release of the highly-anticipated game.

Eager Skyrim fans can now begin downloading and installing the game early in anticipation for it's midnight launch on November 11th.  Pre-loading the game now will ensure access to the game the minute it unlocks on Steam, but pre-loading it won't speed up the process.  Skyrim is still scheduled to unlock at midnight time local to all regions - at least that was what was last rumored.  No official announcement about time zone release has been updated.  Of course, there still is the potential that there could be one time scheduled for the different countries, as this as not been denied nor confirmed by Bethesda.

Regardless of the exact time, the download and pre-load shouldn't take too long thanks to a relatively small install size.  Skryim on PC is only requiring 6GB of hard drive space on the PC thanks to it being "more optimized" than Bethesda has ever had before.  Hines explained the better optimization is a result of a "new engine & we're much better at compress (art/voice/data)."

If you have pre-ordered Skyrim you can download it on Steam here. So in the words of Pete Hines, "Go! Now! Pre-Load The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Now!"

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