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Skyrim Mod Allows Game to Run on Low-End PCs


If you wanted to play Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC, but couldn't do to your PC not meeting system requirements, the GTA 4 modders may have an answer for you.  The guys responsible for the ICEnhncer mod, have answered the call of many, and have released a patch for Skyrim, which when used with TESV Reduced Texture Pack, allows the game to run on some lower-end PCs.

The patch is referred to as "Performance and Bugfix ENBSeries 092 Patch 5" and according to the description it "DOES NOT affect your game in bad way anyhow and do not modify game files".  With that being said, I'm not promising anythign as I have yet to try it out.

Now they don't give the exact PC specificiations you'll need, but a Reddit user has claimed it runs "quite comfortably" on his Intel Celeron 3.0/2GB DDR2/Geforce 210 512 mb DDR3 on low to medium settings.

Aside from some small lag spikes, the user claims it is "still perfectly playable."  The best thing about it is even with the reduced texture, the game doesn't look THAT bad.  Below is a sample screenshot with the mod running.

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