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Skyrim Getting the GTA IV iCEnhancer Treatment, Screenshots Revealed


If you've played GTA IV, odds are you know "iCEnhancer".  For those who haven't, iCEnhancer are the people responsible for the visual overhaul that made Grand Theft Auto IV hard to distinguish between real life and video game.

It looks like they now have their eyes set on something new, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Yesterday, iCEnhancer uploaded a screenshot of a new Skyrim mod that enhances the graphics of the game - similar to what we see with GTA IV.

Skyrim iCEnhancer

"More informations tomorrow or later on the forum. If you guys have question about the Skyrim one," they wrote on the official Facebook page.

As you can see from the above screenshots, the iCEnhancer mod for Skyrim has more vibrant colors, better contrast levels, and a nice DoF effect.  Unfortunately, there is no release date estimate.

Personally, I think this mod is going to be great.  A game as massive as Skyrim has so much visual potential with the grand landscapes you can encounter.  iCEnhancer is going to magnify that beauty.

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